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Recover your funds and Regain Control of your Finances. Proven Track Record of 25 years Success. Comprehensive Solutions to Address Range of Challenges by Costner Recovery.

The fund recovery process can be time-consuming and demands determination. That’s why it’s crucial for our clients to be prepared and have confidence in us throughout the entire online scam recovery journey. If you ever find yourself uncertain for any reason, you have the option to request a complete refund during the initial 14 business days of the process.

Our Service

We specialize in providing essential online scam recovery services to help individuals and businesses recover their lost or mishandled assets. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the often intricate and time-consuming process of regaining your funds. We understand the importance of determination and support during this journey, and we’re here to ensure that you can trust us every step of the way. If, for any reason, you find yourself uncertain, remember that you have the option to request a full refund within the initial 14 business days of our assistance. Your satisfaction and financial recovery are our top priorities.

What Services We Provide


Cryptocurrency Scam

Cryptocurrency scam services exploit the decentralized nature of digital currencies to deceive investors.


Binary Options Scams

Binary options scams entice investors with promises of quick profits through bets on asset price movements.


Online Banking Scam

Online banking scams involve fraudulent activities that target individuals' financial accounts through digital channels.


Forex Scam

Forex scams are deceptive practices in the foreign exchange market that exploit unsuspecting traders.


Types of frauds our company supports

Consumer to Business

The buyer falls victim to a fraudulent scheme during the cash-to-close payment process.

Business to Business

The title company becomes a victim of fraud in a commercial transaction.

Business to Consumer

Title company unwittingly directs net proceeds to a deceptive account.

Business to Lender

The company falls victim to fraud in the mortgage payoff process.

The Measures We Take to Search for Missing or Lost Funds.

We exclusively handle cases where we are confident of achieving a substantial recovery. We deeply respect your time, and therefore, we meticulously assess each case with transparency and integrity. If, in any instance, a successful online scam recovery seems unattainable, we’ll promptly communicate this to you. However, if we see the potential for a complete or partial recovery, we initiate the process immediately. Once you’ve provided us with the necessary information, we engage with the responsible individuals at the bank or company. Finally, we ensure a swift and secure reimbursement of your funds using a reliable payment method.


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